April 2017 Featured Vendor: Felicity Jewelry Designs



Deanne Beaudoin, owner/designer of Felicity Jewelry Designs

deanne beaudoin

Mission, What, & Where?

“’Felicity’ is defined as, ‘source of happiness/joy and of pleasing style and expression.’ It is my goal that each piece of fashion jewelry I create is a vivid representation of this. Each jewelry and accessory piece is handmade in my home studio in Edmond, Oklahoma. Most of my pieces incorporate my original fine silver and /or bronze components. These are complemented with sterling silver, 14KT gold-filled and oxidized brass metals, as well as natural stone, glass beads and crystals.”


How, When, & Why?

“Creating has always been an important part of my life. As a Speech Language Pathologist and mother of four, I spent many hours sewing, painting decorative finishes and crafting with my children and students. All the while, my passion for jewelry design evolved from designing pieces for friends and close relatives to selling online and finally, in boutiques throughout the United States. Felicity Jewelry Designs is now my complete focus, and it is my pleasure to present these pieces to you.”


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April 2017 Featured Product: Badge Bomb Food Truck City Buttons


Badge Bomb’s Cattitude buttons were our featured product in January. Like the Cattitude buttons, Badge Bomb Food Truck City buttons have been a popular gift item at Okie Crowe. They are fun to pin and fun to gift! Rusty of Mod’s Coffee & Crepes even treated his employees to Crepe vs. Waffle buttons! Designed by Seltzer Goods and made in Portland, Oregon, Badge Bomb buttons are printed on 100% recycled paper and made with at least 50% recycled steel.  Styles available are limited–stock up while supplies last! $2 Each

Food Truck City series features 20 different buttons:


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March 2017 Featured Product: Okie Crowe Soap


“Okie Crowe’s current featured soap scent is Oatmeal Stout, one of our original fragrances. With hints of creamy oatmeal, orange peel, butterscotch, farm-fresh milk, nutty almond, and rich vanilla, I had no idea that this scent would be so popular when I created the recipe in 2011. Customers tend to buy Okie Crowe Oatmeal Stout soap in multiples, one customer opting for an entire dozen for her father! Our second all-time most popular soap moisturizes with luxurious goat milk and exfoliates with natural oats. Come try before you buy in-store at Okie Crowe (while supplies last) or purchase online at www.okiecrowe.com. Made in Tulsa, Oklahoma. $7 each”

–Kelli Brown

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March 2017 Featured Vendor: Turtle Lane



Corinne Garcia of Turtle Lane



Handmade pottery

unnamed (1)


“I was drawn to art at an early age and I never forgot those wonderful moments at that local pottery studio in Switzerland.  I worked with clay on and off as a young adult and now follow my dream by owning Turtle Lane, a small pottery studio in the heart of Oklahoma. I currently focus on functional pottery, which is available in our artist shop, in local stores, and on Etsy. I believe in embracing creativity and encouraging my students to leave behind their expectations and just enjoy the process of creating with their hands, a truly therapeutic and relaxing process. I love the fact that people actually use my products as part of their daily routines. I think of the many conversations they have , sharing a cup of coffee or tea, while using my pottery pieces. It is like I am able to pass a little love to them, as I feel that each piece I create is made with the most loving intentions.”

unnamed (3)


Turtle Lane Pottery Studio and homestead is on the south end of Harvey Young Airport on U.S. Route 66 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

unnamed (4)


“I love clay! It’s such a simple substance, but you can turn it into so many beautiful things. I love the process from beginning to end. It has been such a blessing to be able to create with, teach and meet wonderful people along the way.”

unnamed (5)


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February 2017 Featured Vendor: Old Skool Vintage Designs

4"x6" Post Card Template


Steve Hammons of Old Skool Vintage Designs



Vintage inspired clothing and accessories



“I’ve always drawn – some of my earliest memories are as a kid laying on the floor with a sketchpad and the comics section and re-drawing the panels for practice.  Vintage cars have always been in my life as well – from the age of 10 we were restoring cars as a family, so that aesthetic was a huge influence on me.  After going the corporate route working in an art department for a huge watch company, I decided I didn’t want to be in an office, so moved back to Tulsa and began learning some of the old sign making techniques (which 20+ years later, I’m still learning). I decided back in 2013 to start a Kustom Kulture inspired clothing line (simple, clean design with aging) and from that have moved to Oklahoma themed items as well.”



“We have a small warehouse/print shop next to my sign shop in [Broken Arrow, Oklahoma].”

unnamed (10)


“I just love the old aesthetic–street rods, tiki culture, vintage motorcycles–and wanted to create a line of items that gave respect to that era.”


What’s Next?

“We’ve been playing around with skateboard decks and gold leafing on glass signs. We’ve got more Oklahoma themed clothing in the design stage with one that I think will blend the best of both worlds (the hot rod and Oklahoma).”

unnamed (1)

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February 2017 Featured Product: Stephanie Ellis Designs Clay Hearts


Stephanie Ellis Designs clay hearts were a sweet stocking stuffer for Christmas and will make an even sweeter Valentine’s Day statement. Last month, one customer bought every single heart of Ellis’ we had in stock to gift them to her friends! How sweet is that? Made in Tulsa, Oklahoma. $1-5 each

“A labor of love and friendship–In college, a group of friends decided to make small pieces and trade (some prints, ceramic cupcakes, etcetera). I made clay hearts. I continued to make them and give to friends over the years. I am making them custom now, in favorite colors and sizes and everyone gets to spread a little love. These simple little pieces are time consuming from forming, days of drying, firing and then adding color, metallic powders and top coats. They can have so much depth in color this way. I hope you enjoy gifting these little tokens to the people in your life.” –Stephanie Ellis

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January 2017 Featured Vendor: The Lotus Boutique



The Lotus Boutique By Erica Forbes-Ortiz

unnamed (7)
Handmade Jewelry & Organic Clothing Online Boutique
unnamed (11)
“From a very young age, [I] was always interested in jewelry making and live music. Nature, flowers, ocean, and  love of music inspire my life and my art. I began making jewelry at a young age, beginning with bartering for supplies, which eventually evolved to a jewelry line. I had a boutique for over ten years in Santa Barbara, California. We focused on organic merchandise and local artisan items.  As we enjoyed our storefront location, we decided to switch things up a bit. We attended music festivals, rocking our gear in several boutique style booths. Because of our young family, we now are online and our items are available in some great mom and pop shops in good ol’ USA.”
“We are located in beautiful Santa Barbara, California. On the Golden Central California Coast.”
unnamed (6)
“I have always been a creative spirit.  Always interested in creating art, jewelry, sewing and fabricating anything that would come to mind.  As a young child, it was something that I was always drawn to. My love of silver and gold, using tools, fixing things and forging new shapes.  I am drawn to natural beauty of Mother Nature and creating pieces inspired by nature.”
unnamed (12)
 All of my shirts, are silkscreened, one by one with so much love. All of my jewelry is created in my home jewelry studio, which is within walking distance to the beach.
unnamed (9)
Always more jewelry and more clothing… Always making new pieces of jewelry and exploring new ideas. Going to new festivals & meeting people!
unnamed (3)

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Vendor Questionnaire: Prison Art

The thought of prison doesn’t make me giggle. Incarceration for crime is a serious matter. That’s why I’m surprised by the humor I have found working with W.B. Livingston III of Prison Art.

When Will and I first began conversing through letters, he wrote once apologizing for his delay in responding to my letter. He said that it’s hard to believe, but he gets awfully busy in prison. While it’s not really funny, it was. I laughed and it made my heart happy to know that Will stays busy educating himself, helping other prisoners with their art, and completely immersed in his own art. Can you imagine what you would do to occupy yourself for 40 years?

Hearing Will’s parents talk of their son sounds much like most parents gushing about their children. His father recently told me what a kind-hearted person Will has always been, but mentioned that Will has one heck of a sense of humor. When I sent Okie Crowe vendors a post-holiday questionnaire, I never expected Will’s responses, but he definitely made me laugh. I can’t help but think Will’s sense of humor is something profound given his acceptance of his sentence. In spite of knowing his fate is behind bars, his light still shines. In spite of a sentence that often defines him, he is still a caring friend to his fellow inmates.

Will is a constant inspiration wrapped up in a cautionary tale to not drink and drive. Will is any one of my awesome friends that has chosen to drink and drive. He is someone’s son. He is someone’s father. But unfortunately, he is also Oklahoma’s inmate. Thankfully, he has chosen to keep his sense of humor about the things he can.

Vendor Questionnaire 1-1-17

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January 2017 Featured Product: Badge Bomb Cattitude Buttons


This year, we are adding a new blog! This specific series will feature our hottest products, like December’s most popular item–Badge Bomb Cattitude Buttons! Last month, Okie Crowe customers stocked up on 1″ Cattitude buttons by artist, Gemma Correll, for Badge Bomb. Most customers buy one button for themselves, then one or a few more to gift to friends. Made in Portland, Oregon, Badge Bomb buttons are printed on 100% recycled paper and made with at least 50% recycled steel.  We are beginning to become limited on the quantity of styles available–stock up while supplies are still available! $2 Each

Cattitude series features 20 different buttons:

     GC-3008_medium  GC-3009_medium  GC-3013_medium  GC-3018_medium  GC-3023_medium  GC-3004_medium  GC-3019_medium      GC-3011_medium  GC-3021_medium  GC-3005_medium  GC-3020_medium  GC-3007_medium  GC-3016_medium  GC-3006_medium  GC-3010_medium  GC-3022_medium  GC-3014_medium  GC-3012_medium  GC-3015_medium  GC-3017_medium



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Okie Crowe Meet Prison Art

Finally meeting W.B. Livingston III was seeing someone I know but never have met. I am honored that his parents included me in their private family time so I could meet the person behind the art, letters, and phone calls. Will is their only son, a father of two children. He is a talented, well-loved friend. Will could have been you. He could have been me. Instead, his choices sentenced him to forty years in prison.

Beyond the razor wire, multiple security doors, sign-ins, pat-downs, and dismal grey and white interior was a room full of someone’s loved ones. In spite of whatever crimes they have committed, they are still someone’s family. The prisoners looked like normal guys, despite sentences that deem otherwise. Children smiled to see their fathers. Wives sat across from their husbands and parents across from their sons.

I got to hug the person whose story I know too well. I’ve heard the story with multiple endings for my family and friends–arrests, multiple DUIs, wrecked vehicles, jail time, and prison. Will is a reminder to not drink and drive. It is hard to imagine the kind-hearted guy I met today hurting another person, but driving impaired causes amazing people to make terrible choices. I cried when I got home because I can see how much his family loves him. Then, I cried for the family whose son is gone. And I cried again because prison is not meant to be an enjoyable place to pass a lifetime, but I can see the heart in Will’s art in spite of his surroundings.

2017-01-07 09.03.56

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